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Unlock potential.

A school to help K-8th students prepare for life beyond college.


Education Reimagined.


Engage Deeply

Work on difficult real-world Quests. Learn to calculate, write and think more deeply.


Have Fun

As you develop a positive self-identity surrounded by friends who will support you.


Find a Calling

Through exploring gifts, passions and apprenticeships so you can change the world.


Core Skills

Mastering Reading, Writing, Math, and Civilization using computer simulations and intense Socratic Discussions.



Our Learner Driven Communities are run mostly by our Eagles, where closely connected families of lifelong learners are bound by clear covenants; and “Learning to Do” and “Learning to Be” are even more important than “Learning to Know.”


Joy + Rigor = Mastery

"Embracing rigor is part of saying 'yes' to a Hero's Journey. Deep learning brings a special sense of joy, but the mastery required for a Hero's Journey goes even further, requiring commitment, discipline and hard work towards a worthy goal."

Acton Academy is on the vanguard of change in education in our country.
— Seth Godin, Author of STOP STEALING DREAMS
Acton Academy is on the leading edge of what it means to give students agency of their own learning.
— Sal Khan, Founder of Khan Academy
Acton Academy has transformed our family, inspiring each of us to find a calling and discover a Hero’s Journey.
— Kimberly Watson-Hemphill, Author of FAST INNOVATION and Founder and CEO, Freefly Consulting
Acton Academy is one of the most important education developments in the world.
— Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart, Previously Executive Director of Education for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.



Community Covenant

Students create and sign a Contract of Promises describing how each individual will act and the consequences for violating community norms.


Multi-Age Studios

Mentor teams encourage younger and older students to listen, affirm, set goals and hold each other accountable.




Driven by curiosity, students journey through their academics setting their own goals and working at their own pace.